Failed Peacemaking: Counter-Peace and International Order

14. Sandra Pagodda, Oliver P. Richmond, and Gëzim Visoka (2023) Failed Peacemaking: Counter-Peace and International Order. Palgrave/Springer.

This book will investigate the struggle between peace and counter-peace and lays out the contours of the emerging counter-peace architecture in the international transitional order. In particular, it examines how counter-peace tactics have been evolving into strategies and the role ideologies play in this process. Hence, our concept of counter-peace is used as a tool to critically interrogate a potentially systemic array of blockages to peace, juxtaposing peace processes with counter-revolutionary theory. We argue that distinct patterns are emerging in the blockage of peace and reform processes. This book elaborates the most prevalent patterns in stagnating and faltering peace processes:  the stalemate, the limited counter-peace and the unmitigated counter-peace.  We identify how reactionary processes operate to challenge peace praxis in order to preserve power, stratification, hostile identity framings and economic privileges. Furthermore, we analyse how peace interventions have become entangled with counter-peace processes. 

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