Kosovo 20 Years On: Implications for International Order

23. Edward Newman and Gëzim Visoka (2019), ‘Kosovo 20 Years On: Implications for International Order’, The Brown Journal of World Affairs. 26(1): 215-231.

Kosovo is a small country that has had a major impact on the evolving international order—the norms and institutions that shape the behavior and practices of states and other international actors. In three controversial policy areas—humanitarian intervention, international peacebuilding, and international recognition—Kosovo has been the focus of events and debates with far-reaching and globally significant effects. This article presents and discusses these three subjects, and then concludes by considering how Kosovo’s future may continue to be tied to the shifting contours of international order in the context of a renewed great power geopolitical rivalry.

Link: http://bjwa.brown.edu/26-1/kosovo-20-years-on-implications-for-international-order/

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