Three Levels of Hybridisation Practices in Post-conflict Kosovo

7. Gëzim Visoka (2012), ‘Three Levels of Hybridisation Practices in Post-conflict Kosovo’, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, 7(2): 23-36.

This article aims to advance conceptual and empirical knowledge about hybrid forms of peace by developing an analytical framework that conceptualises three levels of hybridity between international and local actors, namely the institutional, public and hidden practices of hybridisation. By differentiating hybridisation practices in this way, the article demonstrates a clearer understanding of figuration, articulation and the impact of local-international interactions in post-conflict societies. The analysis shows that the contingent, uncontrollable and unaccountable nature of hybridisation practices raises significant challenges to peacebuilding practices. The article concludes by questioning whether hybrid peace is able to reinforce, complement or undermine prospects for sustainable peace in post-conflict situations.


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